Treat your staff to some fabulous festive fun!

The famous Richard Branson quote that he penned in 2014 goes ‘Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don’t want to’. The statement from the founder of Virgin Atlantic carries a lot of meaning, and it should undoubtedly be the driving force of every boss!

*Tenuous link coming up… and this is why we think you should be ‘that’ awesome boss and treat your staff to a fantastic Christmas bash! 

Here’s the info:

Badgemore Park are hosting two Christmas Party Nights specially geared towards small businesses who don’t want to spend a fortune – but who would like to treat their staff to something festively wonderful all the same!

Join one of our party nights on either Saturday 7th December or Friday 20th December and you will receive:

A complimentary bottle of fizz on each table you book! PLUS, a glass of fizz on arrival, a three-course dinner, and a DJ playing your favourite tunes until 1am! Big groups are very welcome!

All this is only £38 per person.

We have a limited space on Friday 20th, so email Carina on without delay!