Join MAMA.DO for an evening in celebration of mental and physical wellbeing at Badgemore Park.

We’re doing a happy dance. Why, you ask? Because when we launched our boutique gym and fitness hub back in 2018 we were clear on our goal. It wasn’t just about looking awesome in activewear (although you know you all do, right?) – it was about helping you strengthen your bodies, increase your confidence and above all, getting every one of you to embrace your physical and mental wellbeing.

So, with that in mind, FOCUS has gone and got itself all ‘#collaborative’. We’ve hooked up with MAMA.DO  (who create events and experiences for modern women) to bring you an event SO good, you simply do not want to miss it.

THURSDAY 17th October, 2019 in The Coach House at Badgemore Park from 7.30pm.

BODY & SOUL is a panel discussion, led by one of the UK’s leading authorities on womens mental health and body image: psychotherapist HOLLI RUBIN. Holli is a media favourite and regular contributor to print, radio and tv, and participates in government organisations, activists groups and public forums, as well as running a private therapy practice.

We will also be joined on our panel by the wonderful mindfulness and wellbeing coach Rachel Staines, Absolute Mindfulness.

Areas of discussion include:

  • Confidence and Celebration | body neutral versus body positivity and why now is the time for change.
  • Health and Happiness | understanding our relationship with our bodies and creating the best mental and physical wellbeing for our future selves.
  • Wellbeing | creating and maintaining a healthy mental and phyical lifestyle
  • Parenting and Advice | how we can create a positive environment for our children and offering best advice and tips.
  • Post Motherhood | understanding and nurturing our bodies and embracing the new.

There will be a Q&A/Sharing at the end of the discussion, and Lizzie (MAMA.DO) will open the floor to you. Please do share, advise or ask a question.

Teens (aged 14 +) are very welcome!