After checking the weather apps (all of them) on the hour, every hour for a whole week prior to the event – we succumbed to the reality that our Summer Party was to be a very English affair… wet and rainy. Saved by Lovibonds Jeff (as we like to call him) and his marvellous marquee, we decided to file the impending rain clouds under ‘can’t be helped’ and crack on!

Wowzers! It was epic – the first ever FRIDAY NIGHT B:ASH at Badgemore Park was a huge success.

Guests munched on pizzas, burgers, thai – and washed it down with the excellent offerings from the Coach House bar and fizz truck. After which, we danced. And danced.

On behalf of the team at Badgemore Park, we hope the FRIDAY NIGHT B:ASH showed off our beautiful venue for what it really is, so much more than a golf club.

Thank you to all those involved:

Lovibonds Brewery

The Willow Basket Henley

Gabriel Machin

Rebellion Beer Co. Ltd.

Little Reds – the authentic woodfired pizza company

and last but not least – the amazing Liam Barnes.

Plus, the guests – thank you, you party-lovin’ people!

See you at the next B:ASH!