18th hole water feature work is coming along nicely!

With work starting on the the new water feature on the 18th hole earlier this month, fantastic progress has been made and the new layout of the hole (and the challenge awaiting our golfers) is now clearly visible.

Week 1:

Frank Lovell arrived on site and wasted no time in digging out the existing bunker and outlining the shape of the new pond








Week 2:

The shaping of the pond was completed and the material that was removed transported to the back of the green to create the mounding that will frame the green








Week 3:

The pond liner was laid and the construction of the oak sleeper wall is now underway



Week 4:

The construction of the oak sleeper wall is completed despite the snowy conditions


Week 5:

The filling of the pond has been completed and there is just some re-turfing works to go before we can re-open the 18th green with its stunning new feature