Covid Secure Guidelines



The safety of our members, visitors and staff is of paramount importance and we have, therefore, amended our operating procedures in order to provide a safe and Covid Secure environment for you. We will continually review these procedures in line with the government and industry guidelines. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Face Coverings

  • face coverings must be worn when inside any area of the Clubhouse except when eating or drinking
  • face coverings are not required whilst exercising but must be worn whilst in the changing rooms, gym and studios when not exercising
  • we kindly request that all members and guests adhere to this requirement at all times whilst at the Club unless you are exempt from wearing a face covering
  • in line with our legal obligation and in the interest of everyone’s safety, our staff may politely remind customers of the need to put a face covering on. Please do not be offended if asked and please inform the member of staff if you are exempt

Rule of Six

  • gatherings in external areas must be limited to a maximum of 6 people at all times
  • please refrain from moving tables and chairs around to gather with different groups
  • please do not move to socialise with other groups or encourage others to join your group as people leave

Track & Trace

  • if you attend the Club and are not booked in for a class or workout, you will be required to register for Track & Trace
  • this can be done using the QR codes displayed around the Club
  • alternatively, you can complete one of the Track & Trace slips available in the Pro Shop, Halfway Hut or Gym entrance
  • this is a legal requirement and needs to be done for every visit to the Club

Opening Times

  • the gym will be open for the following hours with bookable slots available between these hours:
    • Monday – Thursday 30-20.00
    • Friday 30-18.00
    • Saturday & Sunday 00-17.00


  • an intensified cleaning programme will be implemented on a day-to-day basis alongside our team regularly sanitising equipment and touch points throughout the day
  • we have structured the bookable slots to include a 15-minute gap between each session to allow time for cleaning of equipment
  • all members must clean equipment before and after use. We will provide a cleaning cloth and sanitising spray per person for you to use throughout your workout

Before you arrive

  • all members must have reserved their place in a class or have booked one of the hour-long gym slots
  • under current guidelines, members will be unable to just turn up to workout without a prior booking


  • class capacity will be restricted to ensure class guests are able to sufficiently spread out
  • please bring your own equipment to classes where possible

Individual Gym Workouts

  • in order to workout in the gym, you will need to have booked on to one of the hour-long slots which are available throughout the day
  • the capacity for each hourly slot will be limited:
    • Main Gym – 6 people
    • Courtyard Studio – 2 people

Main Gym Fitness Zone

  • in the gym, we have moved equipment around to create more space
  • access to and from the gym zone will be via the main entrance and stairs ONLY
  • in line with social distancing requirements, we have clearly marked out exercise boxes on the floor for you to workout in – please make sure you do not enter a marked box if someone is already there

Courtyard Studio

  • we have moved some extra equipment into this studio so you can book a session in here and make use of the different pieces of equipment to aid your workout
  • when entering and exiting the Courtyard Studio, please do so ONLY through the external spiral staircase in the Courtyard
  • there will be a capacity of 2 members in the studio at any one time

When you arrive

  • all members must check in for their workout
  • there is a waiting area clearly marked outside the shop if the maximum capacity of the shop has been reached
  • make your way to your class/workout zone using the designated entrance

Social Distancing

  • please arrive in your workout clothes to minimise use of the changing rooms as much as possible
  • we kindly request that, where possible, members shower at home after their workouts
  • please remain at least 2 metres away from other people at all times and respect social distancing requirements
  • all doors will be held open during our hours of operation in order to minimise the touching of door handles and to aid with the flow of fresh air through the building
  • hand sanitiser is available for you to use in each area of the gym

 Use of equipment

  • all equipment must be wiped down before and after you use it
  • there are eco-friendly cloths and individual sanitising spray bottles for you to use throughout your workout
  • please do not touch any equipment that you are not going to use
  • please do not use any equipment that has been taped off / marked out of order

Air Conditioning

  • initially, whilst we need to keep all doors open to minimise contact, we will be keeping the external doors and windows open to circulate fresh air into the gym areas
  • however, if this does not keep the workout zones cool enough, we will look to turn on the air conditioning.
  • The air conditioning system we have installed is a very advanced system that not only controls the temperature of the air but also provides a constant supply of fresh air drawn in from outside through the ventilation system

After your class/gym session

  • please make sure you have thoroughly cleaned any equipment you have used and dispose of any towels in the bins provided


These measures will be regularly reviewed and updated in line with changing guidelines relating to social distancing requirements.


We kindly ask that all members and guests follow these guidelines when at FOCUS.


We look forward to seeing you soon!


The FOCUS Team